Gowdy - Goudy Family

Robert Gouedy
(gggggg Grandfather)
Born: 1710-1720 ?
Died: 1775

James Gouedy
(ggggg Grandfather)
Born: 1765-1766
Died: March 5,  1816

John Goudy

(Great Great Great Great Grandfather)
Born : 1785-1790
Died: April 27, 1846
NEW! Estate Records of John Goudy

William Goudy
(Great Great Great Grandfather)
Born: April 1, 1810
Died: January 20, 1885

James K. Gowdy
(Great Great Grandfather)
Born: November 20, 1848
Died: March 1, 1915

Lon Clark Gowdy
(Great Grandfather)
Born: March 3, 1878
Died: October 27, 1942

Vernon L. Gowdy, Sr.

Born: January 21, 1901
Died: December 31, 1994

Vernon L. Gowdy, Jr.
Born: April 8, 1933

Vernon L. Gowdy, III
Born: February 5, 1955


Genealogy Research began in the Summer of 1990 conversing with relatives, going to family reunions in Bristow, Oklahoma and acquiring information at the Oklahoma Historical Society in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  I would appreciate any feedback concerning possible errors, questions or any new additional information or photographs about the Gowdy family.

I began genealogy research with myself, Vernon L. Gowdy III wishing to trace back my roots of the Gowdy-Goudy name. I have since traced back my direct descendent line to Robert Gouedy (gggggg grandfather).  I personally feel that Robert Gouedy came directly from Scotland or Ireland  or  traveled down from Virginia or Pennsylvania to live among the Cherokees at Great Tellico in eastern Tennessee.

For other information on the GOWDY-GOUDY FAMILY there is a Two Volume work on the Gowdy Family History published in 1919 by Mahlon M. Gowdy from Providence, Rhode Island. The black bound two volume work covers the surnames of GADE, GADIE, GAUDIE, GAWDIE, GAWDY, GOWDY, GOUDY, GOUDEY, GOWDEY, GAUDEN, GAUDERN, and other Variant Forms from A.D. 800 to A.D. 1919. I have found a website  that sells a reprinted edition of this fine work at the Higginson Book Company in Salem, Massachusetts.

My mother's side of the family - Harrison Family is also on this site.


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