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Estate of


John Gowdy













Box 174   Pack 3282

















                                                      WILL OF JOHN GOWDY

27 April 1846 



State of South Carolina }

Abbieville District         }


In the name of God Amen.


I, John Gowdy, of the State and District aforesaid, being weak & frail in boddy but sound and disposing mind & being admonished by my present bodily affliction that my life is short & also being desirous to make some disposition of my worldly effects do make & ordain this to be my last will & testament.


And 1st   I consign My body to the dust that from whence it Came & My spirit to God who gave it.


Item 2nd   It is my desire that my family, to wit, my beloved wife, my son Robert M. Gowdy & my daughters Eliza & Jane should remain together during the life of my wife.


Item 3rd   It is my will & desire that my property both real & personal should remain together during the life of my beloved wife, unless she desires it to be sold sooner & if so she is at liberty to have a part or the whole of it disposed of at any time she thinks proper.


Item 4th   Whenever my property is disposed of either before or after the death of my wife it is my will that each of my children should share & share alike with the exception of my daughters Eliza

& Jane who are to receive each one hundred dollars, more than an equal distribution share of my estate B  the children of my deceased daughter Nancy who was the wife of James Cunningham are to receive the share that would be coming to their mother if she was alive.


Item 5th   It is my will & desire that my friend David Keller Esqr. And my beloved son Robert M. Gowdy should act as the Executors of this my Last Will & testament.


Signed, sealed, published & delivered & acknowledged to be my last will & testament this twenty seventh day of April one thousand Eight hundred & forty six.

In the presence of                                                                               

G.W. Cromer                                                                           John  X  Gowdy     {Seal}

James Irwin

Isaac Branch





South Carolina

Abbieville District


In the matter of John Gowdys last will


It appearing on the Examination that the paper foregoing is the true last will & Testament of John Gowdy dec=d ordered that it be admitted to Probate in common form.

David Lesly

O. A. D.


The foregoing Will of John Gowdy was duly admited to probate this day (30 Apr 1846) on the oath of Isaac Branch one of the subscribing witnesses thereto, and David Keller & Robert M. Gowdy were duly qualified to act as Executors thereof.                        D. Lesly   OAD


South Carolina

Abbieville District


Personally came Dr. Isaac Branch one of the subscribing witnesses to this paper or instrument of writing and being duly sworn in open court on the Holy Evangelist of Almighty God, deposed that he was personally present & did see John Gowdy sign, seal, publish pronounce & declare the same to be his last will & Testament  B  that testator was at the time of sound & disposing mind, memory & understanding to the best of his knowledge & belief & that G. W. Cromer & James Irwin together with himself in presence of each other & in presence of & at the request of the Testator did sign their names as witnesses to the (dec?) execution thereof.

Isaac Branch

Sworn to before me

30th Apr 1846

David Lesly



South Carolina

Abbieville District


Personally came David Keller Esq. & Robert M. Gowdy, the two exers. named in the will & made oath that the foregoing paper or instrument of writing is the true last will & Testament of John Gowdy dec=d so far and they know or believe, and that they will & faithfully execute the same, by paying first the Debts, & then the legacies contained in the said Will as far as the goods & chattels will thereunto extend & the law charge them, & and that they will make & return a just & true, inventory & appraiserment thereof as the law dictate. 

Sworn to before me 30 Apr 1846

David Keller

David Lesly                                                                                          Robert M. Gowdy


THESE are to authorize and empower you, or any three or four of you, whose names a hereunder written, to repair to all such parts and places within this State, as you shall be directed unto by


David Keller, Robert M. Gowdy, Exors named in the last will & testament of John Gowdy dec=d


late of Abbieville District deceased, wheresoever any of the goods and chattels of the said deceased are or do remain within the said parts and places, and which shall be shown unto you by the said Executors and there view and appraise all and every the said goods and chattels, being first sworn on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God, to make a true and perfect Inventory and Appraisement thereof, and to cause the same to be returned under your hands or any three or four of you, to the said Executors on or before the 30th day of June now next ensuing.


Dated the 30th day of April in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred forty six and in the Twen  th Year of American Independence.


TO MESSRS.  George W. Cromer, Philip Cromer, Samuel Irvin, James Irvin, & Archibald McCord   or any three or four of them.                        David Lesly  OAD


MEMORANDUM B That on the Fourth day of June in the Year of our Lord, One Thousand Eight Hundred and forty six personally appeared before me David Keller one ~~ of the Justices assigned to keep the Peace in said District.  Philip Cromer, G.W. Cromer, & Jas. Irwin being

Three of the Appraisers appointed to Appraise the goods and chattels of John Gowdy late of Abbieville Dist. deceased, who being duly sworn, made oath that they would make a just and true appraisement of all and singular the goods and chattels of the said John Gowdy deceased, as shall be produced by Davd. Keller Exr. of the Estate of the said deceased, and that they would return the same certified under their hands unto the said D. Keller on or before the Fourth day of June



SWORN the day and year above written, before me David Keller, Magt.

Philip Cromer

G.W. Cromer

James Irvin















                                                                _______ of appnt



                                                               Jno. Gowdy, Dec=d



                                                                 Box 174 B 3282


                                                              Entered in AJournal@

                                                                       page 176        







                                                                 Recorded in Invty

                                                                        & Sales

                                                                       Page 455




                                                                     11 Jan 1846


















South Carolina   Abbieville District


The following is the appraisement of the Personal Estate of John Goudy, Dec=d


A lot of Cattle                                                                           40.00

A lot of Hogs                                                                            43.25

A lot of sheep                                                                             6.00

A lot of Plows                                                                6.25

A lot of Plow gear                                                                      3.00

A waggon & line gear                                                   25.00

One Sorrel horse Lery                                                              45.00

One Bay horse  Charley                                                            15.00

One boy Lewis                                                           150.00                                                

One boy Edmond                                                                   580.00

A lot of (Smiths?)                                                                       4.00

A lot of Carpenter tools & Sundrys                                             5.00

One lot of Wheel & reals                                                            8.00

One lot of saddle & bridle                                                           7.00

One lot of wool                                                                          2.63

Two Barrels of flower                                                     8.00

One Barrel and meal (?)                                                              2.00

Two sides of leather                                                                    3.00

One cupboard and contents                                                        1.00

One pair of stillards                                                                     1.75

Kitchen utensils                                                               5.00

One lot of tin and sundry                                                             5.00

One loom and harnes and stays                         &...        6.00

Two spinning wheals                                                                   . 40

One Carriage and harness                                                         15.00


End page


The same returned


One lot of fodder                                                                        3.00

waggon ____ and sundries                                                          3.00

One lot of sundres                                                                      7.00

One fan                                                                                      1.00

One lot of corn                                                             10.00

One lot of planks (?)                                                                   1.00

One lot of gear                                                               1.00

Hoes, mat____, _____, and sundries                                          4.00

One lot of bacon                                                                       21.40

One lot of lard and jars                                                   2.00

One safe and contents                                                                 3.00

One keg and molasses                                                    3.00

One lot of salt and barrel                                                             1.50

One barrel and soap                                                                   4.00

Churn boll and sundries                                                   1.00

One sack of fodder                                                                     1.00

Sheep skins and rawhide                                                             1.00

One lot of shears                                                                        5.00

1.  One bead bedstead and furniture                                          10.00

2.  One ______ and furniture                                                    10.00

3.  One d____ and furniture                                                      20.00

4.  One _____ and furniture                                                      25.00

Bed clothing                                                                             30.00

One brass clock                                                                       20.00

One barrow                                                                              10.00

One folding leaf table                                                                  8.00

Shaving utensils and glasses                                                         2.00

Two chests and little wheal                                                          3.00

Two tables and chests                                                     2.00


End of page


The same returned


One cupboard and contents                                                      14.25 (?)

One lot of books                                                                      11.00 (?)

One pair of fire dogs and saw   irons and pot rack                       4.00

Two window curtains                                                                  1.00

One lot of cotton                                                                        3.00


We the undersigned certify the above to be a true appraisement of the personal Estate of John Gowdy, Dec=d.  Given under our hands this 4th day of June in the year of our Lord 1846.


Philip Cromer                          



Sworn appraisers                                  G. H. Cromer

James Irwin

Thomas Robinson                                 Clerk




1st Return of David Keller, Exer. of John Gowdy dec=d in Ordinary, 6 Jany 1847



1847 Jany   Rec=d on an unknown amt per

John (McLain?)                                                                                    $2.00


Note:    Out of the (corn?) appraised B Dr. F. Branch _______

the familyC$15.00 worth at 1.00 pr bush. 15 bush & the

exec. Keller by credit & not cash

______ a note against the Estate for $7.22 per Branch




1847 Jany 6     V Paid Dr. F. Branch, amt. _____                                $ 5.50

1846 June        V Pd. J. Lesly ody                                                           5.50 

A                      V Pd clerk for deed                                                         1.00

A                      V Pd R. D______ly for coffin                              3.50

Paid for this first Return to Ord                            3.00


probate on R. D_____ly amt                                             .25

swearing? of appraisers                                        1.00 



South Carolina

Abbieville District


Personally appeared John Keller Exor. & made oath the above Return is just & true.

David Keller


Sworn to before me

6th Jany 1847


David Lesly   O.A.D.











Sale Bill of a Negro boy named Edmond belonging to the Estate of John Goudy Deceased

Made this fifth day of January 1852  terms 12 month Credit in Trust from date


Purchasers Name


John Devlin                               1 Negro boy Edmond                                       865.00


South Carolina

Abbieville District

sworn to before me

this 19th Jany 1852

    F.W. (Pelleck?)

       o.a.d.                                I do Swear that the

above is a correct & true

Sale Bill of the Boy


   David Keller



























South Carolina 

Abbieville District }   In ordinary


Settlement of the Estate of John Gowdy, Dec=d, so far as a negro Boy Edmond is concerned


Amt Received for Edmond                    $865.00

He being sold on 12 months credit

Interest from date                                                             60.55



Deduct error in price of negro

& interest thereon........ is....                                              5.35

Amt received                                        920.20

Commission off                            23.00



Amt retained as per will in pay Eliza $100.

A      @             A @     A     @ A      Jane    100. 



Commission on for paying out        5.00            205.00

     $                 692.20


Amt Expended for first Return       3.62

Commission on ...                           .09    3.71


Ordinary Expenses                                                           3.50



Commission for paying 2 2                                 17.12

     5 Disbursements                                                    $667.87



And so it is decreed.


F. W. Pelleak   O.A.D.








Return of Receipts & Expenditures of John Goudy, Deceased, by David Keller Executor for 1851


1852    January 9          V Paid  Allen & (kin?) a/c        $1.12

A          @           9         V A       F.P. Robertson              1.00              

A          @           21       V A       Ordinary                       1.50


I swear that the above return is just & true.

David Keller


So. Ca

Abb. Dict.

Sworn to before me, this 21 January 1852 F.W. Polleck   O.A.D.
































$133.57                       Summery the fourth A.D. 1853


We assent to the within Settlement and acknowledge to have

received from him David Keller, Esq. Executor of our fathers

will the sum of One Hundred and Thirty Three Dollars & Fifty

seven cents, in full of our share of the Boy Edmond...    

Eliza Gowdy

   Test. Jas. Cunningham                                               Jane Gowdy





1853                And also two Hundred is provided by our father=s last

Jany 4th            Will. Received at the same time as the above.

Eliza Goudy

Jane Goudy

Test.  Jas. Cunningham










                                                                     John Gowdy




                                                                  Entered Journal

                                                                        Page 41



                                                           Recorded Book R _____

                                                                 Pages 128 & 129





                                                              This 5th January 1853



The State of South Carolina

Abbieville District


In accordance with the last will and testament of my late Husband John Gowdy, dec=d.  I have the power and privilege to bring to Sale any part or the whole of his estate.


The AItem@ in said will which I refer to is the 3rd and which is in these words Ait is my will &

desire that my property both real & personal should remain together during the life of My beloved wife, unless she desires it to be sold sooner & if so she is at liberty to have a part or the whole of it disposed of at any time she thinks proper@.


Now be it known, that, for various considerations me thereunto moving.  I have concluded that the whole of the property, real and personal, belonging to the Estate of said deceased be sold by public outcry on the 30th day of November next on such terms as the Executor of the said will viz: David Keller Esq. may deem most proper.  And I hereby authorize and desire the said executor to bring to sale, as above specified, the said Real & personal property.


Given under my hand and seal this 30th day of November 1858.



Jane X Gowdy   {Seal}



Signed & sealed in the presence of

Wm. Hill

Wm. Mc_lwain


















The State of Mississippi

Tippah County


Know all men by these presents that I, Robert Goudy of said County and State, have nominated, constituted and appointed and by these presents do nominate, constitute and appoint William Goudy of the County of Tippah in said State, my Agent and attorney in fact for me, to obtain and receive from David Keller Executor of the Estate of John Goudy, dec=d in Abbieville District State of South Carolina or from any person who may have the Same in possession, any money or personal property coming to me from said Estate.  And I authorize and empower my said agent to sell any land coming to me from said estate in such way and in such terms as he shall deem best, and for me and in my name to make execute and deliver to the purchaser or purchasers of the Same such deed or deeds or bond or bonds for title, with such conditions or currants as he shall Stipulate.


I further empower my said agent or attorney for me and in My name to give any and all necessary receipts or vouchers for said property or any property coming to me from the estate of David Keller John Gowdy, dec=d in Said State of South Carolina Abbieville District.


And I fully empower him for me and in My name to institute and prosecute or Cause to be prosecuted any Suit or Suits in law or Chancery which my be necessary or expedient for the recovery of said property coming to me from said estate, and for me and in My name to Execute and deliver any bond or bonds or other instruments in writing necessary or proper in such Suit or Suits, to employ attornies and take any and every other Step necessary or expedient for the recovery of said property, And for me and in My name to execute and deliver any bond or bonds or other instruments in writing necessary or proper in such suit or Suits, to employ attornies and take any an every other step necessary or expedient for the recovery of any money or property coming to me from said estate of John Goudy.


And I hereby fully ratify and confirm all the acts of my said agent and under the Authority vested in him by this power of Attorney.

Signed and sealed this 16 day of November 1858                                             {Seal}


I do also as co-executor with David Keller of the last will of John Goudy of Abbieville District State of South Carolina do fully authorize and empower William Goudy to act for me as said Executor to him in any sale of land and personal estate and for me to sign seal and deliver to purchasers any and all said Deeds of currencies that may be necessary to be made or executed by me as such co executor hereby ratifying whatever my said agent may do in or about the premises as fully and completely as if I were personally present and did the Same my self.


Witnesses                                                                                 Robert M. Goudy   {Seal}

Thos. J. Dickerson

M. H. Norton


The State of Mississippi

Tippah County


Personally appeared before me Daniel Hunt Clerk of the Probate Court of said County the within received Robert M. Gowdy who acknowledged that he Signed Sealed and delivered the foregoing Power or letters of Attorney on the day and year therein Mentioned as his act and Deed and for the purposes ________ expressed.


In witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and the Seal of said Court at office the

16th day of November 1858


Daniel Hunt   Clerk


The State of Mississippi

Tippah County

I James Rogan Judge of the Probate Court in and for Said County do hereby Certify that Daniel Hunt whose genuine Signature appears to the above Certificate is and was at the date thereof Clerk of the Probate Court for Tippah County and State aforesaid duly Commissioned and qualified and that full forth and Credit is and of right ought to be given to all of his official acts and doings and that his Said Certificate is made in due form of law.

Given under my hand and Seal this the 16th day of November 1858


James Rogan    {Seal}

Judge of Probate























By William Hill Esquire, Ordinary.

These are to authorize and empower you, or any three or four of you, whose names are hereunder written, to repair to all such parts and places within this State, as you shall be directed unto by     David Keller and Robert Gowdy Executors named in the Last Will & Testament of J. Gowdy  late of  Abbieville deceased, wheresoever any of the goods and chattels of the said deceased are, or do remain, within the said parts and places, and which shall be shown unto to you by the said  Executors and their (sic) view and appraise all and every the said goods and chattels, being first sworn on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God, to make a true and perfect Inventory and Appraisement thereof, and to cause the same to be returned under your hands or any three or four of you, to the said Executors on or before the twenty sixth day of January now next ensuing.

DATED the 26th day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and   fifty eight and in the 8_ year of American Independence.

To MESSRS. William Mc_lwain, Jas. Irvin, Jas. T. Gilmer and John McCord.

Or any three or four of them.


William Hill
























We whose names are underwritten appraisers appointed by the within warrant to appraise the property of the Estate of John Goudy dec=d do swear that we will to the best of our judgement appraise all such property of said Estate as may be shown us by the Executors thereof.


Sworn before me this 29 day of Nov 1858                                                        Wm. Mc_lwain

David Keller                                                                                                     J. I. Gilmer

Magistrate                                                                                                        John McCord



Warrant of appt


John Gowdy dec=d


174  B 3282


Recorded in ATetes@ Testy

Page 155




The Inventory of the Appraisement of the Real and Personal Estate of John Goudy late of Abbieville District dec=d made on the 29th day of November A.D. 1858

by David Keller Executor of said Estate


1 lot     Plantation tools                                                                         4.00

1 do     Kitchen furniture                                                                                   6.00

1 do     Wheels reel & c                                                                                    7.00

1          Loom warping barrs & c                                                                       3.00

1 lot     Wheat $1.00 per bus.                                                                          

1 do     boxes & c                                                                                              .50

Safe & contents                                                                                    1.00

Salt bbl & c                                                                                          1.00

1          wagon                                                                                                10.00    

1          old carriage                                                                                          3.00

1 lot     Corn per bushel 60                                                                              

1 do     Seed Cotton, lock & c                                                            11.00    

1 do     Fodder pr amt      75

1          Mare & bull/mule colt                                                            115.00

1 lot     Boards                                                                                       .50    

1 do     Oats                                                                                                     2.50

1 do     Cattle                                                                                                 73.00

1 do     Hogs                                                                                                  63.00

1 do     Sheep                                                                                                   7.00

1          Wash pot                                                                                             2.00

1          Negro man Lewis                                                                                 5.00

117 2 acres Land                                                                                       1175.00

Pot racks Cupboard & c                                                                                  3.00

Table & crockery                                                                                             2.50

1 lot     Chairs                                                                                                  3.00

Cupboard & contents                                                                                     10.00

Table & bureau                                                                                              15.00

1 Clock                                                                                                            4.00

Bedstead & 2 Chests                                                                                        1.00

Table & Bench                                                                                       .50

bed & beding                                                                                                   2.00


We the undersigned do Certify the above to be a true inventory and appraisement of the Estate of John Goudy late of Abbieville dec=d both Real and personal.  Given under our hands dated above

Sworn              Wm. Mc lwain

A. Mc lwain                                         Appraisers        J. _. Gilmer

(O.A.D.?)                                                                    John McCord




          Estate of

John Goudy dec=d

Inventory & appt


174   3282


Recorded in AInvty@ & Sales

No. 18, pages 246-247


Filed 2 Dec 1858













Sale Bill of the Goods and Chattels of John Goudy dec=d

Sold by David Keller Executor of the Estate of John Goudy this 30th November 1858

Also the Real Estate


G.W. Cromer               2 pr Hams                                                                    1.95

Henry Cannon  1 pr do                                                             1.25

David Keller                 1 tar bucket                                                                  .12 2

James Irvin                   1 lot old Irons                                                               1.00

William Hill                   1 lot Hoes                                                                      .05                

A. Lites                        2 Mallocks (?)                                                    .80

A   @                            1 lot Ploughs                                                                   .55

Johnson Ramsy 2 Iron Wedges                                                   .75

David Keller                 1 lot ploughs                                                                 1.12 2

Thomas Ellis                 2 Buzzard plows & 1 Tweeter (?)                                   .75                

A            @                   3 Pad locks                                                                    .50

A.J. Lythgoe (?)           1 pr __illyards                                                              1.25

James Wilson               1 Axe                                                                           1.00

E.N. Wilson                 2 do                                                                               .75

Henry Cannon  2 plow Stocks & c                                                         .75

J.D. Adams                  1 pr Waffle Irons                                                            .80

J.F. Keller                    1 Grind Stone                                                               1.00

A. Lites                        1 Jar                                                                               .45

William Pace                1 Jar Churn                                                                    .55

David Keller                 1 Jug & Pitcher                                                   .20

James Irwin                  1 Churn                                                                          .10

A. Lites                        1 Jar                                                                               .25

J.D. Adams                  2 Buckets                                                                       .65                

G.W. Cromer               1 Tray                                                                            .25

D. Keller                      1 Tray & sifter                                                    .20    

Andw. Mc_lwain          1 Oven, lid and hooks                                                   1.05

J.D. Adams                  1 Skillet, Spider (?), lid,                                                 .25

G.W. Cromer               1 Pot and Kettle                                                           .50

D. Bowie                      1 Coffee Mill                                                                .05

J.F. Keller                    1 Pad lock                                                                    .05

David Keller                 1 Pot and pot Rack                                                      .75

do       do                     2 Barrels & Table                                                         .20

David Keller                 1 Cupboard                                                                   .25

James Irwin                  1 Table & chair                                                            .55

J.D. Adams                  2 Flat Irons                                                                   .75

James McGriffin           1 Reel                                                                          1.00

A        do                      1 Spinning Wheel                                                          2.00

James Irwin                  1 do            do                                                 2.45

Theodore Wilson          2 B_ls & bedstead                                                          .15

John P. Cromer            1 Loom & apparatus                                                    3.05

James Irwin                  1 pr Warping bars                                                          .55

Thos. J. Douglas           5 bushels Wheat at 96c per bush.                                  4.80

A           do                   8 do          do     A 94c                                     7.52

James Irvin                   3 Boxes                                                                          .35

T.J. Douglas                 1 lot Plank                                                                      .25

E. N. Wilson                1 Wheel & scythe blade                                                  .10

G.W. Cromer               2 Bedsteads                                                                   .80

J.F. Keller                    1 Box & Cutting Knife                                      .12 2

H. Cannon                    1 Large pot                                                                  2.40

Nancy Lathers  1 Tub                                                                             .50

David Keller                 1 Water Pale/Pub                                                           .15

T.B. McCord               1 Basket & Axe                                                             .45

J.P. Cromer                  1 Box & plane stocks                                                     .40

Marked out                  1 keg & half bushel (marked out)                                   

Theodore Wilson          1 Jug & Jar                                                                     .25

G.W. Cromer               1 Coffee Mill & c                                                           .35

William Pace                2 Bowls                                                                          .20

John Wilson                  1 Brass Hooped bucket                                                  .05    

William Pace                1 Safe                                                                            .30

John Wilson                  1 lot Salt, _ell & Rod                                                      .55

D. Keller                      1 lot Bacon                                                                     .75

A   do                           1 lot Soap & Bbl                                                            .30

A   do                             Running Gear of carriage                                             2.10

W.W. Russell               1 Wagon                                                                    15.50

John F. Keller               630 lb Cotton at $2.80c pr 100                                  17.64

D. Bowie                      1 Raw hide                                                                     .25

John McCree               1 Sheep Skin                                                                  .05

James Irvin                   1 lot Boards                                                                   .40

James McGriffin           1 Mare                                                           70.50

D.W. McCord 1 Young Mule Colt                                                     77.00

W. McNarey                1000 lbs Fodder at 88 2 c                                            8.85

D.W. McCord 508 ballance at 88 2 c                                      4.49

H. Cannon                    40 Bushels Corn at 77c                                              30.80

Jas Irwin                       32 do          A      @  77c                                            24.64                

E. Irwin                        5 Sheep at $1.90c pr head                                            9.50

W. McNarey                1 D____ Cow & calf                                                 22.00

John do                        1 Milk cow                                                                   6.00

John McCree               1 Calf                                                                           1.70

A       @                        1 large heifer                                                               12.25    

A       @                                    1 miley   do                                                                10.25

A       @                                    1 horned do                                                                  6.25

A       @                                    1 Black   do with whiteface                                         10.50

A       @                                    1             heifer                                                 9.00

W.J. Wilson                 3 Hogs first choice                                                      27.00    

John McCord               2 do     second do                                                      11.00    

John Davis                    4 Shoats first choice                                                    15.50

do     do                       3 do   second do                                                        13.50

C.A. Cobb                   1 Negro Man (Lewis)                                                 15.00

W.B. Roman                117 2  Acres Land                                                 1805.00

J.W. McCree               2 Decanters                                                                    .40

D. Bowie                      1 Dish & cups                                                                .10

T.B. McCord               2 Tea Pots                                                                      .15

D. Bowie                      1 Pitcher & 4 plates                                                        .20

T.B. McCord               3 Dishes & Knives                                                          .35

Peter Henry                  5 Plates & c                                                                   .50

T.B. McCord                  Cups & Saucers                                                          .15

J.A. McCord                1 Tea Pot                                                                       .35

J.W. McCree               2 Decanters                                                                    .95

John P. Cromer            1 lot Knives & spoons                                        .40

John Botts                    4 Tumblers                                                                     .30

F. Cromer                    1 Preserve jar & tea pot                                                 .15

D.S. Benson                 2 Bottles & Vials                                                            .10

Amount brt over

D.S. Benson                 1 lot flasks & vials                                                          .15

W. McNarey                1 Slate                                                                            .21

L.H. Russell                  1 Jug & Vinegar                                                             .90

W. McNarey                1 Jug & c                                                                       .20

J.A. McCord                2 do                                                                               .43

G.W. Cromer               1 Folding leaf Table                                                    10.15    

John P. Cromer            1 Bureau                                                                    12.25

G.W. Cromer               1 Cupboard                                                                  8.80

E.N. Wilson                 1 Small Table                                                               .37 2

D. Keller                      6 chairs at 35 each                                                        2.10

W.B. Roman                6 Stool Chairs 25 each                                     1.50

          do                      1 Bench                                                                          .05

James McGriffin           1 Eight day Clock                                                      10.00     

A          do                    1 Chest & contents                                                       1.00

A          do                    1 do                                                                               .50

A          do                    1 Bed & bedstead                                                      16.00

W.B. Roman                1 pr fire dogs & shovel                                     1.20

John McCord               1 lot Oats at 19cts per doz                                            3.80

Mrs. Jane Goudy          1 Bed taken at appraisement                                         2.00

D.W. McCord 1 Blind bridle                                                                 .30


I the under signed do hereby Certify the foregoing to be a Just and true Record of Sale Bill of the Goods and Chattels of John Goudy dec=d Sold by David Keller Excr. this 2nd December 1858 also Real Estate    T.A. McCord (Clerk)






Return made by D. Keller one of the Exes of the Estate of John Goudy dec=d to the Court of Ordinary      2 Dec 1858



1858    Dec 2               Paid JSRJ White    a/c              v         $50.35

       A               @      do     do       due bill                    v             2.82 

       A               @       Lee William (printing?)                v             3.00             

       A               @       self for qualifying apprs.   v             1.00                         

       A               @       J. McCord for Clerk                   v             2.00

       A               @       Retained to pay Cryer of sale                     3.00

       A               @       Retained to pay myself for (hire?)        120.42             

       A               @       Retained to pay note & Int. to

         Jas Irwin                                      99.98

       A               @       pd J WW Man_____ med a/c                    2.50

       A               @       A    @         A            & Paul do                  8.75

       A               @      Ordy for Filing & Recording Sale bill

         & Inventory & Warrant of appr.     2.75 

          $ 296.57

I do Swear the above Ret. is just & true to the best of my

knowledge & (belief?) David Keller


Sworn before me 2nd Dec. 1858

William Hill   oad                     














Abbieville So Ca.

In the Court of Ordinary


Statement for a settlement of the Estate of John Goudy dec=d made on the 2nd Dec 1858.


Present D. Keller, Exer. and William Goudy atty for R.M. Goudy, also an Executor.


Also present Jane Goudy, and Eliza who has lately intermarried with Wm. McGriffin, the latter present also.


Sale made on the 30 Nov 1858 on a credit of 12 months int. from date.  The parties desiring a Settlement it is calculate as of due now.


Amt of Sales   -------                                                   $2353.93

Comm off at 1 2                                                                58.85



Expenditures See return of this date                   $296.57

Com add                                                  7.41               303.98


Commission for 2 2  per pay out                                                     49.78


Ordinary fee off.

Settlement & Return                                                             5.00

Amt. for distribution                                                                  $1936.32

Widow 1/3  Cwidows share                                              645.44


5 shares            1. Wm. Gowdy

2.  Robt. M. Gowdy

3.  Eliza Gowdy

4.  Jane Gowdy

5.  Children of Jas. Cunningham


(Carried over)


Amt brought over                                                                                             $1290.88

5 Shares   share of each                                                                                        258.18

With interest from 2nd Dec 1858


And so it is decreed                  William Hill OAS


Settlement Estate of J. Gowdy dec=d 174B3282  

Recorded in AReturns@ No. (7?) page 234            Filed 2nd Dec 1858




By William Hill Esquire, Ordinary.

These are to authorize and empower you, or any three or four of you, whose names are hereunder written, to repair to all such parts and places within this State, as you shall be directed unto by     David Keller and Robert Gowdy Executors named in the Last Will & Testament of J. Gowdy  late of  Abbieville deceased, wheresoever any of the goods and chattels of the said deceased are, or do remain, within the said parts and places, and which shall be shown unto to you by the said  Executors and their (sic) view and appraise all and every the said goods and chattels, being first sworn on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God, to make a true and perfect Inventory and Appraisement thereof, and to cause the same to be returned under your hands or any three or four of you, to the said Executors on or before the twenty sixth day of January now next ensuing.

DATED the 26th day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and   fifty eight and in the 8_ year of American Independence.

To MESSRS. William Mc_lwain, Jas. Irvin, Jas. T. Gilmer and John McCord.

Or any three or four of them.


William Hill