James K. Gowdy

James K. Gowdy was born November 20, 1848 in Blue Mountain (Tippah County), Mississippi. James K. Gowdy married a Rachel Ann Jernigan (born December 24, 1844, South Carolina; died December 13, 1915) November 28, 1871 in Mississippi. They had eight children: William J. Gowdy (born Oct. 1872, Blue Mountain, Miss.), Archie E. Gowdy (born April 1874, Blue Mountain, Miss.), Etta Gowdy (born 1876, Blue Mountain, Miss.), Lonnie Clark Gowdy (born March 3, 1877, Blue Mountain, Miss.), Virgie Gowdy (born April 1878, Blue Mountain, Miss.), Annie L. Gowdy (born July 1882, Blue Mountain, Miss.), John F. Gowdy (born March 1884, Blue Mountain, Miss.) and Algie J. Gowdy (born July 1886, Blue Mountain, Miss.).

James K. Gowdy was a farmer by trade and lived in Blue Mountain, Mississippi until his death from Brights Disease, March 1, 1915 (Death Certificate). James is buried next to Rachel Ann Jernigan in the Blue Mountain Cemetery, Mississippi. It is interesting to note that the cemetery reads GOUDY as the spelling.