Lon Clark Gowdy

Lon Clark Gowdy was born March 3, 1878 in Blue Mountain, Mississippi. Lon Clark Gowdy married a Lena May Howell (born December 22, 1880 in Mississippi; married March 29, 1900 in Union County, Mississippi; she died May 10, 1951). Lon and Lena had nine children: Vernon L. Gowdy (born Jan. 21, 1901 in Blue Mountain, Miss.), Faye Gowdy (born Dec. 20, 1903 in Blue Mountain, Miss.), Mabel Elsie (born March 15,1906 in Blue Mountain, Miss.), Perry Gowdy (born May 11, 1908 in Comanche, Texas), Maud Gowdy, (born March 8,1910 in Comanche, Texas), Herman Gowdy (born Jan. 31 in Comyn, Texas), James Gowdy (born May 3, 1917 in Trent, Texas), Hershel Gowdy (born Jul 25, 1919 in Bristow, OK) and Velma Mae Gowdy (born Jan. 1923, in Bristow, OK).  Click here for descendants of Lon Clark Gowdy and Lena May Howell's children.

Lon Clark Gowdy main occupation was a farmer and sometime around 1904-1905 traveled and settled down in Bristow, Oklahoma. Lon Clark Gowdy died of a stroke October 27, 1942 and was buried in the Old Bristow Cemetery in Bristow, Oklahoma. Lena May Gowdy passed away May 11, 1951 and is buried next to her husband in the Old Bristow Cemetery.

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