The GOWDY Family
South Carolina

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Robert Gouedy in Ninety-Six District (Abbeville)
Robert Gouedy and John Vann... Fort Charlotte land had connections to 96 settlers
James Gouedy in Ninety-Six District
John Gouedy in Abbeville
Henry Gowdy in Turbeville and New Zion
Mary Goudy in Abbeville
South Carolina Gazette Newspaper (1732-1772)
James Gowdy of Williamsburg District
Mary Lee Gowdey Will - Charleston
Miscellaneous Gowdy tidbits - South Carolina
Notes on a Goudy Family of Carolina and Mississippi - by Gerald S. Pierce

William Alexander Gowdy- submitted by John Norman Gowdy
William Alexander Gowdy born May 4, 1826 in Williamsburg County, SC; Eliza Jane Reynolds (born March 28, 1830 in Darlington County, SC) September 13, 1849. They had a son William Newton Gowdy, born March 26, 1859 in Darlington County, SC.  WIlliam married Florence Rhinehart (born October 20, 1864 in Rome, Georgia) in 1881. They had a son Roy Earl Gowdy born in Norman, Oklahoma.  Roy married a woman with maiden name vanGriethuysen (born March 11, 1905 in Perkins, OK) and had a son John Norman Gowdy. John married and had the following children: Jeffrey Lynn Gowdy, Laura Beth Gowdy and Emily Ruth Gowdy.

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