The GOWDY Family

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Robert Gowdy in Seattle, WA

Kenneth G. Goudy - submitted by Tomie Goudy-Burke, Kenneth G. Goudy, Jr.
My great-great grandfather was George Chalmers Goudy born in Enfield,Illinois in 1869.   My great grandfather was Felix Goudy (Gowdy - family used both spellings) born in Tacoma, Washington in 1890's.  My grandfather was Kenneth Gordon Goudy, Sr born in Yakima, Washington in September 1912.  My father is Kenneth G. Goudy, Jr. born in Yakima, Washington in September 1936.  Sally M. Tomie Goudy-Burke was born in 1963, Astoria, Oregon.

Felix Gowdy was involved in automotive sales and repairs in Yakima Washington as well as orchards of pears and similar fruits in Yakima Valley along with his father George Chalmers Goudy.

Kenneth Goudy Sr. was involved in truck freight business in Yakima followed by son Kenneth Jr. in same business as well as the sign making business later in 1970 to present.

James Wheeler Gowdy - submitted by Beatrice Gowdy
James Wheeler Gowdy had four sons - James Harvey Gowdy, William Gowdy, Edwin Gowdy and Thomas Gowdy as well as two daughters Kathryn and Mary Lou Gowdy. Thomas Gowdy is the only survivor. James Lee Gowdy, my son was born at Camp Hanford, Washington, not Kennewick, Washington.  Edwin Lee Gowdy was married twice - his first wife was Peggy Burns and his second wife was Beatrice Saltz.  They were married July 16, 1956 at Coeur de Alene, Idaho.  Edwin and Beatrice had four sons - James Lee Gowdy, Edwin A. Gowdy, David Scott Gowdy and Kevin Matthew Gowdy.  Edwin's first marriage with Peggy Burns produced two daughters - Debra Lynn Gowdy and a deceased daughter. Debra Lynn Gowdy was born after Edwin was sent to Korea and the other girl (name unknown) was born when Edwin had been in Korea 17 months. Obviously the deceased daughter was not fathered by Edwin. James Lee Gowdy is living in Maricopa, Arizona, and has five children, one boy James Christopher Gowdy and daughters Kimberly, Amy, Kaitlin and Taylor. Edwin Allen Gowdy lives in Kennewick, Washington and has two children - Ashley and Jason. David Scott Gowdy lives in Kennewick, Washington and has three daughters - Shannon, Christa and Lindsey. Kevin Matthew Gowdy lives in Kennewick, Washington and has two children - a boy (Matthew Cordon Gowdy) and daughter Cassie.  Edwin Lee died June 22, 1992 in Kennewick, Washington and is buried in Riverview Heights Cemetery, Kennewick, Washington. Beatrice still lives in Kennewick, Washington and is currently in school working on her Master's Degree. She has not remarried





Captain John Goudy - submitted by Tom Backman
Captain John Goudy was in charge of the Colville Indian Reservation around 1855. He married an Indian lady (of Wenatchee descent) and had two boys, then returned to the US without the boys possible as the Civil War was approaching. The spelling in the Yakima nation is Goudy but history indicates Gowdy may also have been a way of spelling his name.

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