The GOWDY Family

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Stephen John Gowdy -  Glasgow, Scotland
Stephen's link above list some other Gowdy's throughout the world, though some are broken links.  Stephen John Gowdy was born in Glasgow, June 3, 1971. His father is John James Gowdy, born in Glasgow, September 25, 1942 (married Margaret Mary  O'Byrne); his grandfather was John Gowdy, born in Belfast, January 9, 1920 - died 1999 (married Lily Frances McNab).  His great grandfather was William Gowdy, born in Belfast?

Major General Francis Goudie - submitted by Lois Andrews
It is interesting that the small town of Melrose, Scotland had a Goudie family member in the 1800's as a resident.  When approached a shopkeeper asking for information about the Goudie family, he went to a storage room and brought back an old book.  He allowed me to copy the contents regarding the Goudie family You may find this interesting....and who knows, it could be a clue to discovering our roots.

Information is on file
Record of Graves

Major General Francis Goudie
East India Company

1825 Melrose Scotland

A name that also attracts attention is Mrs. General Goudie who lived at Priorbank now known as Priorwood.  Her husband Major General Francis Goudie had served overseas with the East India Company for 40 years finally commanding the Centre Division, Ft George Establishment until 1812 when he retired and bought Priorbank.  Goudie, towards the end of his service in
India was consumed with nostalgia for his native haunts on the leader water.  He was able to gratify his wish once more to cast a fly on the wellremembered water.  The General died within the year, leaving his wife, Ann Sophia, with the life rent of property and estate full ownership of contents

In the large villas and mansion houses outside the town, prosperous families lived in great comfort, attended by numbers of domestic and outdoor servants.  Referred to in Pigot's Directory as nobility and gentry.  The category included ex-colonial men (East India Plunderers) such as General Francis Goudie.  These families seemed to pass their days in a succession of visits,
picnics, riding parties, dinners and social calls: often they spent their winter's in Edinburgh.

The Gardens of the Goudie House, Priorwood, have been taken over by the National Trust of Scotland.  The Goudie house, now a youth hostel, overlooks Melrose Abbey.

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