The GOWDY Family

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Charles Henry Goudy - submitted by Jennifer Goudy Leo
Charles Henry Goudy was born in 1856; died in Illinois.  Charles married Caroline Hague. She believes that her GGrandfather got into a fight with his brother and changed his name from Gowdy to Goudy.

Mr. and Mrs. Gowdy from Camp Fred Loock - submitted by Floyd Wilvers
"It's been about 40 years since I was Ms. Gowdys assistant cook at Camp Fred Loock.  Its my 40th high school reunion in the Milwaukee area this weekend. I spent many full (10 weeks) fun summers working and playing at camp. Have life long friends from camp and memories and smiles. Darrel Pagel, Scott Johnson, John Quarrels, Allen Respondek.  Don't know where most are...but if the values they  had and the ones instilled upon us by Mr. Gowdy are any indication of what we could become... our world is a bit better place."