The GOWDY Family
North Carolina

James Gowdy
submitted by Frances Kirby Taylor, from her work entitled "The James Malcolmson Gowdy Family in South Carolina"

James Gowdy (1) - was an Irishman (Scotch-Irish?) who came to America in 1774 and settled on the Black River in Craven County South Carolina. He was a gunsmith by trade.  With the advent of the American Revolution he first served the rebel militia as a gunsmith. Later in about 1780 when the British occupied Charleston, he served the British as an armourer for the Royal Artillery.   When the British evacuated Charleston about 1782 James Gowdy and others who had also served the British evacuated to Jamaica.  Unable to earn a living as a gunsmith in Jamaica, he went to London where in June 1784 he filed a claim to the Loyalist claims commission for reimbursement of the property and assets he had lost in America.  In December 1784 his claim was denied and he was chastised for having served the Rebel Militia.  Among the assets listed in his claim were 350 acres in Craven County, South Carolina and a lot in Sunbary Town Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.

James Gowdy (2) - October 1786 received from the state of South Carolina a grant of 250 acres in the Black River in Williamsburg Township, but he is not listed in the 1790 census of South Carolina.  The 1800 census shows a James Gowdy and wife both age 26-45 and a son 0-10 living in Charleston.  The 1801 city directory of Charleston lists James Gowdy Gunsmith.  In his will dated December 5, 1806 in Williamsburg Township James Gowdy left his estate to his children Mary Frances Gowdy and James Malcomson Gowdy, both minors with the provision that if both should die before the age of 21 then the estate would go to the children of his brother Ebenezer Gibson and his sister Sister Frances McConnell (who were the children of Ebenezer Gibson, Sr.).  James Gowdy is described as a gunsmith in estate papers in his probate file. James Gowdy (2) is very likely the same person as James Gowdy (1).  Mary Frances Gowdy married John Watson.

James Malcomson Gowdy - born in 1791-1794, died Williamsburgh County in 1845. His father's estate papers show payment for his schooling.  Married Frances Gibson, daughter of Ebenezer Gibson, Jr. She was apparently his first cousin.  He was a farmer and served as a justice of the quorom court.  Frances Gibson was born around 1791, died 1870.  Children were Mary Ann, (born 1818), who married Robert B. Green; James Ervin Gowdy, (born October 14, 1823, died May 12, 1875) who married Teresa Ann McKenzie; William Alexander Gowdy (born May 4, 1826, died Nov. 21, 1879) and Benjamin Lawrence Gowdy  (born 1839, died 1893) who married Adeline James, then Ellen G. Mixon.

Ebenezer Gibson (Sr) - November 25, 1776 he bought 150 acres on the Black River in Williamsburg Township, Craven County, South Carolina.  He died Aug 1, 1806, his will probated Jan. 7 1807 in Williamsburg County, South Carolina.  Will names son Ebenezer Gibson (Jr), daughter Frances McConnell (wife of William McConell), grandchildren Frances Gibson, Ebenezer Franklin McConnell, William Gibson McConnell, and James Gowdy (relationship not stated).  In 1789 Ebenezer Gibson is listed as owning lots 33 and 96 in the town of Kingstree in Williamsburg County.  The 1790 census for Prince Frederick Parish (including Williamsburg County area), Georgetown District, South Carolina lists Ebenezer Gibson (Sr), household as one male 16 years old and upward, one female (believed to be daughter Frances) an nine slaves.  1800 census shows household of Ebenezer Gibson (Sr) as one male 45 and over, no females or slaves listed.

Ebenezer Gibson (Jr) - Born before 1765 place unknown, died September 1823 in Williamsburg County, South Carolina.  Census Record: 1790 shows 1 male 16 and over in the Prince Frederick Parish Georgetown District, South Carolina. 1800 census shows 1 male 0-10, 2 females 0-10, 1 female 10-16, 1 female 26-45; 1810 census shows 1 male 45 and over, 1 female 0-10, 1 female 10-16, 1 female 16-26, 1 female 45 and over. Ebenezer Gibson Jr married Isabelle Barrineau Wilson, (a widow), date unknown. Only known child was Frances Gibson born about 1797 who married her cousin James Malcolmson Gowdy.  Ebenezer Jr. died intestate (no will). His estate records show he was a farmer and also hauled freight for others.  He owned 9 Negroes at the time of his death.  In Dec. 1824 his estate paid for a pair of shoes for M. J. Gibson.   The estate records continue through 1833 with no record of payments to any heirs, nor was the estate closed.  The census record indicate there may have been several children of which nothing is known other than the daughter Frances.

Will of James Gowdy