JAM Magazine was a free magazine that was distributed to the record and music stores in Oklahoma City initially, then expanding to Tulsa, Dallas-Ft. Worth and Wichita, Kansas.  JAM remained free from September 1979 to June 1982.  JAM became a paid publication in July 1982 to July 1984. In September 1984 JAM was turned over to his partner, whereby JAM  became a free publication again, but was only distributed in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.  JAM Magazine began publication with Number 51 in November 1984 in the Dallas-Ft.Worth and for at least five more years celebrating ten years with issue 109 in September 1989. A ten year anniversary party was held at Belle Starr's in Dallas, Texas.    Jam Magazine continued publication for another year or two before ceasing publication. Below are photos of the covers of JAM Magazine from Issue No.1 to Issue No. 50. 

Jam Magazine Issues   1-10
Jam Magazine Issues 11-20
Jam Magazine Issues 21-30
Jam Magazine Issues 31-40
Jam Magazine Issues 41-50