The GOWDY Family

David Gowdy submission (Nov. 11, 1999)
Gowdy name is not too common here in North Ireland, with two or three clusters. I don't know much about our lot: my grandfather was a small shopkeeper in Belfast in early 1900's, and died I think about 1930ish. I know more about his wife's family, from Tyrone.  There is an unrelated Gowdy shop-keeper still in business in the same Belfast today.  My father was one of 9 siblings (all now deceased).

The other clusters are in North Belfast, with another lot around Greyabbey about 15 miles from Belfast.  There is also a "Gowdystown" - a small village in mid-County Down, a few miles South of Belfast. In total about 40 or 50 families in the NI phone book.

Goudy/Goudie even less common.

On the basis that Greyabby is the oldest settlement area, name could have first app about 1550/1600 (prior to that I would question if any family stayed in the area long enough - the abbey dates from about 1066-1200, and local formal Celtic settlement pre-dates that, but 1300-1600 was a rather nasty period).  Name could well be Scots or another possibility is Hugenot.  Gaude has a latin root - joy - or I believe Old French  wineskin - and Gow is Scots for Smith.

No known link to USA, although many families from here would have migrated in that direction from about 1798 onwards.

Thomas George Gowdy - submitted by Bianca Gowdy
Thomas George Gowdy was born in Belfast Nth Ireland. Thomas and his sister moved to America.  Thomas George Gowdy (now 78 years old) has a son Norman Gowdy who immigrated to New Zealand about 40 years ago.