The GOWDY Family

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Jeffery William Gowdy - Indiana
" My name is Jeffrey William Gowdy, born April 29, 1967 in Mishawaka, Indiana to Roger Hawkins Gowdy and Marsina Kay Gowdy (formerly Smiley).  I have one brother, Joel Andrew Gowdy, born June 12, 1970 in Elkhart, Indiana.  My dad Roger is the oldest of the three: Roger Hawkins Gowdy, Martha Evangeline Gowdy (now Oyer) and Bruce William Gowdy.  Their parents are William Love Gowdy (died 1974 in Elkhart, Indiana) and Helen Evangeline Gowdy (formerly Hawkins, now Hovey).  I believe that my grandfather William Love Gowdy was born in Illinois around 1910. 

Bruce William Gowdy married Vicki Gordon and they have two children: Nathanial Walker Gowdy and Lauren Elizabeth Gowdy both of Elkhart, Indiana.

Martha Evangeline Gowdy married Michael William Oyer and they have two children: Elizabeth Brooke Oyer and Matthew Oyer both of Elkhart, Indiana."

William Goudy - submitted by Linda Beavers Klemme
William Goudy married Catherine Cornelia Goudy (they were my grandparents).  William Goudy was son of Mary Bailey Goudy and William Goudy.  William and Catherine had children; one of them was Edith LaVonne Goudy (Linda Beavers Klemme's mother).   William and Catherine and William and Mary Bailey Goudy are buried at Lower Mound Cemetery, Covington, Indiana, Fountain County.  Edith LaVonne Beavers Goudy and Lowell Maurice Beavers are buried at Maple Grove Cemetery, Milford, Illinois, Iroquois County.

Mark Goudy - submitted by Jules Goudy
Mark Goudy married a woman with maiden name Wilkinson and had a son George D. Goudy, born November 15, 1898 in Henry County, Indiana.  George married a woman with maiden name Walker (born December 2, 1899 in Harrison County, Indiana) June 1924.  They had a son Jules D. Goudy. Jules married and had the following children: Debra Goudy, Derrick Goudy, Julann Goudy and Joel Goudy.

Steven Gowdy - submitted by Sarah Renae Gowdy
Steven Gowdy was born 1860 in Indiana and married Sarah Pond (born 1864). They had a son William Jesse Gowdy (born October 11, 1900 in Celina, Ohio. William married a woman with maiden name Eckinwiler (born October 7, 1909) July 4, 1927.  Together they had a son Kevan Kip Douglas Gowdy, born April 28, 1952 in Van Nuys, California.  Kevan married a woman with maiden name Colegrove (born November 26, 1956 in Dayton, Ohio) December 22, 1973 and had a daughter Sarah Renae Gowdy.

John Gowdy - submitted by Denise Weaver Ross
John Gowdy had a son Vernon Gowdy, born in Indiana.  Vernon Gowdy married and had the following children: JoAnne Gowdy, Ken Gowdy, Judith Gowdy, John Gowdy and Kathleen Gowdy.

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