The GOWDY Family

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Vickie Gowdy - Illinois
Robert Gowdy - Illinois

Owen W. Gowdy - submitted by Eugene Franklin Gowdy
Owen W. Gowdy married Ida Lancaster. They had the following children: Theodore Vincent Gowdy and Lance Gowdy. Theodore was born March 9, 1914 in Shellbyville, Illinois.  Theodore married Dorothy Irene Manion (who was born April in Davenport, Iowa) January 17, 1950. They had a son Eugene Franklin Gowdy.

John Allyn Gowdy - submitted by Daniel Troyce Gowdy
John Allyn Gowdy born May 19, 1932 in Chicago, Illinois, married Mary Louise Burleson (born January 6, 1933 in North Carolina) June 2, 1954.  They had a son Daniel Troyce Gowdy.  Daniel  married and had the following children: Troyce Jameson Gowdy and Kallyn Gardiner Gowdy.

John Wilson Gowdy - submitted by John Roger Gowdy
John Wilson Gowdy's parents were John (died 1936) and Mattie Gowdy (died about 1950).   John and Mattie Gowdy came from the Leroy, Bloomington area of Illinois from about 1890's or earlier.  They lived on a farm. They moved to Corwith near Fort Dodge, Iowa about 1910.  About 1915 they moved to Chekotah, Oklahoma. After 2 years they moved to Muskogee, OK. They were in Oklahoma 7 years. About 1922 they moved to Nampa, Idaho. A few years later they moved to Boise, ID. John Wilson (Bill) Gowdy came to Seattle, WA to go to college at the University of Washington about 1923.  John Wilson Gowdy's brothers and sisters are Nina, Gertrude (died about 1925), Arlena, Verletta and Ben (died in 1923). John Wilson Gowdy  married Florence Sather about 1938. They had the following children: John Roger Gowdy (born January 1941) and Carolyn (born December 1942).

Descendants of Ryan Gowdy - submitted by Nancy and Tom Kelly

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