The GOWDY Family

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Charles Scott Gowdy, Lois Gowdy Harden  - submitted by Ronna Lee Pavone
Charlotte Asenth Kerr was born July 4, 1879 in Melbourne, Iowa, married January 1, 1908 to a Charles Scott Gowdy (born August 9, 1879 in Melbourne, Iowa) at First View Colorado.   Two newspaper articles: Charles Gowdy Takes New Year's Bride at First View Colorado and Funeral of Fireman Gowdy. Charles died April 10, 1919 and is buried in  Logan Cemetery near Melbourne, Iowa.   Charlotte died October 18, 1961 and is buried in Logan Cemetery near Melbourne, Iowa.  Charles Scott Gowdy was a fireman on the Union Pacific RR.  He was killed while on duty in a train wreck near Hartford, Kansas.  Charles Scott Gowdy was the son of James Riley Gowdy (born Nov. 20, 1854 in Henderson County, Illinois).  James Riley Gowdy married Sophorinia Smith (born Feb. 4, 1852 in West Liberty, Iowa) December 28, 1876. James Riley Gowdy died Jan. 7, 1904 in Melbourne, Iowas.  Sophorinia Smith died Nov. 29, 1937 in Newton, Iowa and is buried in Logan Cemetery next to Charles Scott Gowdy.  Charles Scott Gowdy and Charlotte Asenth Kerr had the following children: Lois Amelia Gowdy (born Jan. 20, 1912 in Plainsville, Kansas; married June 1931 in Denver Colorado; died May 25, 1976 in Seattle, Washington), Delgar C. Harden

Cora Elizabeth Goudy - submitted by Steven W. Hornaday
Cora Elizabeth was the daughter of Willis S. and Anna Eliza (Wood) Goudy.  Cora was born September 21, 1872 in Fairbury, Livingston, Illinois and died January 25, 1919, I believe in Humeston, Wayne County, Iowa. She married William Hughes Sharpanck, Jr. on December 25, 1892 in Brimfield, Peoria, Illinois.  I believe they lived for a short time in Brimfield, Illinois and then moved to Iowa. As a child William spent part of his life in Wellman, Washington County, Iowa then moved to Humeston where he spent the last 28 years of his life.

Cora's father (Willis) was born May 1, 1847 in Indiana to Jacob (Jacob Goudy was born abt 1825 in Ohio; his father was Thomas Goudy) and Elizabeth (Fogarty) Goudy.  Willis had two children William Goudy and Maria Goudy.

Franklin (?) Gowdy - submitted by Kevin Mills Gowdy
Franklin Gowdy born in Melbourne, Iowa had a son Levi Mills Gowdy, born in Melbourne, Iowa. Levi married Cora Rae Baker (born in Shell Lake ?, Wisconsin) and had a son Lynn Frank Gowdy (born July 15, 1925, in Marshalltown, Iowa).  Lynn married Elizabeth Lena Dannen (born September 15, 1926, Van Cleve, Iowa) November 7, 1948.  They had a son Kevin Mills Gowdy (born January 20, 1952).  Kevin married and had the following children Joseph Dylan Moore Gowdy (born May 14, 1984), McCude Clayton Dowd Gowdy (born April 5, 2001) and Janette Elizabeth Dowd Gowdy (born June 6, 2003).


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