Gowdy - Goudy Family

Marriages from 1600-1900
Note: Some of these marriages may be duplicate with different spellings and some could be in error.  If you see any errors please contact vernon@gowdy.org.

Gowdy married Gowdy, 1769 Perquimans County, NC
A. Gowdy married John Gowdy, 1739, PA
S. Gowdy married Samuel Gowdy, 1721 Cumb County, PA
A.E. Gowdy married M. Smith, 1842 Green County, KY
A.E. Gowdy married T.F. Smith, Jan. 1, 1878 Tippah County, MS
A.B. Gowdy married Lora Triplett, Apr. 2, 1870 Adair County, KY
Abagail J. Gowdy married Wm. T. Finley, Nov. 22, 1843 Green County, OH
Abagail M. Gowdy married Grosvenor Marcy, Jul. 1, 1846 Hampton County, MA
Abi Gowdy married Reuben Pease, Dec. 7, 1807  Hartford County, CT
Abiah Gowdy married Eli Bush, May 9, 1793 Hartford County, CT
Abial Gowdy married Asa H. Spencer, Jan. 2, 1831 Hartford County, CT
Abigail J. Gowdy married William G. Finley, Nov. 22, 1843 Ross County, OH
Abigail J. Gowdy married William T. Finley, Dec. 22, 1843 Greene County, OH
Abigail Gowdy married David Hopping, Apr. 7, 1840 Greene County, OH
Abigail Gowdy married Robert W. Stephenson, Sep. 23, 1818 Greene County, OH
Abigail Gowdy married James S. Wead, Aug. 16, 1842 Greene County, OH
Adam M. Gowdy married Nancy Oliver, 1809 Rush County, IN
Addie Gowdy married Thomas Cox, Nov. 16, 1848 Greene County, OH
Addie D. Gowdy married Charles E. Howard, Oct. 25, 1882 Greene County, OH
Albert Gowdy married Maranda Parker, Apr. 21, 1831 Hartford County, CT
Albert Gowdy married Rachel M. Smith, Sep. 9, 1872 Ashtabula County, OH
Albert V. Gowdy married Martha W. Woodbury, Nov. 15, 1864 Essex County, MA
Alexander Gowdy married Maria Dodd, Apr. 7, 1836 Greene County, OH
Alexander Gowdy married EllenFitzgerald, Nov. 7, 1818 Mason County, KY
Alexander Gowdy married Berthia Noble, Feb. 16, 1809 Hampden County, MA
Alice Gowdy married Henry C. Hord, Sep. 2, 1863 Taylor County, KY
Alice L. Gowdy married John J. Wells, 1867 Hillsdale County, MI
Alma Gowdy married Luther Shumway, Feb. 21, 1841 Lewis County, NY
Almira Gowdy married John A. Allen, 1836 Hartford County, CT
Alonzo Gowdy married Lorinda F. Griwsold, May 17, 1839 Lenawee County, MI
Amelia Gowdy married William Macbeath, Dec. 11, 1823 Clark County, OH
Amelia Gowdy married Harrison Rice, Aug. 24, 1846 Clark County, OH
Ameretta A. Gowdy married Oliver Bangs, Sep. 1, 1869 Hampden County, MA
Aminta Gowdy married James Craig, Jul. 21, 1820 White County, IL
Aminta C. Gowdy married James Craig, Sep. 12, 1824 McLean County, IL
Amos Gowdy married Rebecca Church, Jan. 18, 1808 Lincoln, ME
Andrew F. Gowdy married Ruth Campbell, date and county unknown, NY
Andrew E. Gowdy married Julia R. Allen, Apr. 9, 1857 Hartford County, ME
Andrew Gowdy married Elizabeth Mcbeth, Feb. 18, 1823 Clark County, OH
Andrew Gowdy married Polly McConnell, Feb. 7, 1806 Greene County, OH
Andrew Gowdy married Catherine Mcmullin, Aug. 25, 1813 Trumbell County, OH
Angeline Gowdy married Hezekiah B. Crane, May 18, 1838 CT
Ann Gowdy married James Bull, Nov. 8, 1804 Greene County, OH
Ann Gowdy married John Kennedy, 1882 Wellington County, OH
Ann Gowdy married  Thomas Thornburgh, Mar. 25, 1816 Greene County, OH
Anna Gowdy married Thomas C. McCampbell, Oct. 2, 1846 Davidson County, IL
Annie Gowdy married Joseph Bricker, Jan. 7, 1880 Waterloo County, OH
Annie Gowdy William C. Gray, Apr. 25, 1882 Lawrence County, OH
Arbell Gowdy married Thornton Dugan, Feb. 28, 1870 Coles County, IL
Archie E. Gowdy married Sarah F. Godwin, Apr. 18, 1897 Tippah County, MS
Arthur W. Gowdy married Mary J. Bridge, May 9, 1878 Hartford County, CT
Bell Gowdy married David W. Barkley, Mar. 16, 1870 Richland County, IL
Belle Gowdy married John Gaston Jernigan, Nov. 9, 1897 Tippah County, MS
Belle Gowdy married Joshua C. Jackson, Mar. 12, 1884 Greene County, OH
Calvin Gowdy married Margaret E. Brown, Aug. 18, 1839 Lewis County, NY
Calvin A. Gowdy married Sinthia Miller, Aug. 7, 1830 White County, IL
Caroline Gowdy married Gustavus Weishel, Apr. 1, 1873 Clark County, OH
Caspar L. Gowdy married Lura L. Cook, Sep. 2, 1880 Ingham County, MI
Catharine Gowdy married Isaac N. Dewitt, Nov. 4, 1845 Clark County, OH
Ceylon Gowdy married Jane A. Thompson, Jan. 19, 1869 Ashtabula County, OH
Charles Gowdy married Mary Adkans, Sep. 27, 1832 Trumball County, OH
Charles F. Gowdy married Mary K. Ledbetter, Jun. 9, 1875 Greene County, OH
Charles E. Gowdy married Carrie A. Long, Feb. 24, 1885 Hartford County, CT
Charles A. Gowdy married Ann E. Stotts, Jun. 12, 1873 Coles County, IL
Charles Gowdy married Blanche Utley, Sep. 26, 1883 Hampden County, MA
Charlotte Gowdy married Bird Henderson, Apr. 4, 1882, Yazoo County, MS
Charlotte R. Gowdy married Henry Stickman, Feb. 25, 1844 Essex County, MA
Cindonia Gowdy married Chauncey Hulburd, Dec. 24, 1846 Tolland County, CT
Clarissa Gowdy married Simeon Leonard, Apr. 7, 1815 Hampden County, MA
Clarissa Gowdy married Alva Pease, Nov. 26, 1817 Hartford County, CT
Conent Gowdy married Horatio Kibbe, Oct. 2, 1814 Hartford County, CT
Cora B. Gowdy married Oscar J. Button, Oct. 18, 1899 Allegany County, NY
Cora Elizabeth Goudy married William Hughes Sharpanck, Jr., Jan, 25, 1919 Wayne County, IA
Crecy Gowdy married Columbus Young, Jan. 1, 1883 Yazoo County, MS
Cynthia Gowdy married Reuben Noble, Jan. 27, 1820 Hampden County, MA
Cynthia A. Gowdy married George W. Simmons, 1852 Lincoln County, ME
Cyrus E. Gowdy married Tabitha Roleson, Sep. 25, 1832 White County, IL
Daniel Gowdy married Sabra Olmsted, Dec. 22, 1831 Hartford County, CT
Daniel Gowdy married Polly Pease, Jun. 27, 1799 Hartford County, CT
David C. Gowdy married Minnies Home, Nov. 26, 1891 Warren County, IL
Delina Gowdy married Winthrop Allen, Apr. 5, 1832 Hartford County, CT
Delinda Gowdy married Winthrop Allen, 1834 Hartford County, CT
Edmond Gowdy married Lucy Green, Jan. 20, 1817 Essex County, VA
Edrick Gowdy married Fannie Beebe, Apr. 8, 1864 Fairfield County, CT
Edward G. Gowdy married Martha W. Hayes, Nov. 16, 1859 Hartford County, CT
Edward A. Gowdy married Julia A. Worrell, Sep. 27, 1881, Cass County, MO
Edwin Gowdy married Mary Fleming, Apr. 18, 1859 Hartford County, CT
Effie Gowdy married Charles Peebles, 1843 Lewis County, NY
Elam Gowdy married Julia R. Allen, Oct. 6, 1831 Hartford County, CT
Elam Gowdy married Lucy Stroud, date unknown Bennington, VT
Eleanor E. Gowdy married Daniel C. Teetzell, Dec. 25, 1882 Genesee County, MI
Eli Gowdy married Rocksallan Allen, Sep. 23, 1818 Tolland County, CT
Eliza Ann Gowdy married Samuel Bufenbarger, Sep. 28, 1837 Clark County, OH
Eliza J. Gowdy married Christian Hess, Jan. 23, 1833 Greene County, OH
Eliza Gowdy married William V. Rhodes, Jan. 21, 1833 Greene County, OH
Eliza Gowdy married Lewis Rodgers, Apr 6, 1837 Greene County, OH
Elizabeth Gowdy maried James Baskins, 1743 Lancaster County, PA
Elizabeth Gowdy married Henry Billingsley, May 11, 1784 Guilford County, NC
Elizabeth Gowdy married Nathan Canfield, No. 18, 1853 Montgomery County, OH
Elizabeth Gowdy married James N. Dawson, Aug. 29, 1845 Clinton County, IA
Elizabeth Gowdy married William Gilmore, May 12, 1872 Ingham County, MI
Elizabeth Gowdy married Harrison Morrison, Mar. 5, 1848, Clermont County, OH
Elizabeth Gowdy married William Patten, Mar. 3, 1815, Greene County, OH
Ella R. Gowdy married Warrin J. Hall, Mar. 11, 1877 Ashtabula County, OH
Ellen S. Gowdy maried Jeremy H. Farnsworth, Nov. 18, 1874 Tolland County, CT
Ellen Gowdy married John Stoop, Jul. 18, 1859 Greene County, OH
Ellen Gowdy married Chas Tayler, Jan. 1, 1885 Yazoo County, MS
Emeline Gowdy married Lorenzo B.Crane, Apr. 5, 1843 Hart County, CT
Emeline Gowdy married Chauncey P. Mitchells, Nov. 2, 1851 Grant County, WI
Emma V. Gowdy marrid Dwight Smith, Jan. 26, 1866 Hampden County, MA
F.B. Gowdy married Sarah S. Kibbe, Apr. 5, 1859 Tolland County, CT
Fannie Gowdy married John Charles Porter, Aug. 31, 1893 Warren County, IL
Fanny Gowdy married Manny McElveen, date unknown (1840?), Darlington/Florence area, SC
Fanny Gowdy married Abel Chaffee, Sep. 26, 1807 Hampden County, MA
Fanny Gowdy married Abel Chase, Oct. 14, 1807 Hampden County, MA
Fleming Gowdy married Eliza J. Sterret, Apr. 18, 1833 Greene County, OH
Floretta Gowdy married Theodore Hulburt, Mar. 29, 1848 Tolland County, CT
Florilla M. Gowdy married Theodore Hulburd, Mar. 2, 1848 Tolland County, CT
Francis Gowdy married Martha Johnson, Apr. 25, 1846 Tolland County, CT
Francis M. Gowdy married Lucy R. Warriner, Nov. 24, 1846 Hampden County, MA
Frank O. Gowdy married Ida A. Averill, Nov. 23, 1870 Pond Du Lac County, WI
Frank Gowdy married Leanna Green, Dec. 13, 1882 Fayete County, TN
Frank G. Gowdy married Ellen Jones, Apr. 26, 1892 Pulaski County, AR
Frank M. Gowdy married Alma I. Kamm, Apr. 6, 1895  Berrien County, MI
Franklin J. Gowdy married Mary A Millard, Oct. 5, 1856 Allegany County, NY
Franklin Millard Gowdy married Alma Mary Kamm, April 6, 1895 Berrien County, MI
Frederic Gowdy married Adrine, Jan. 29, 1813 Franklin County, GA
Fredw Gowdy married Martabelle Gettemy, Dec. 27, 1894 Warren County, IL
George Gaudin married Emily Julia Dumaresq, date and location unknown, NJ
George F. Gowdy married Elma Conwell, Apr. 19, 1866 Greene County, OH
George E. Gowdy married Elizabeth V. Finley, Nov. 18, 1891 Preble County, OH
George E. Gowdy  married Violet L. Finley, Nov. 18, 1891, La Salle County, IL
George W. Gowdy married Ellen J. Graham, May 4, 1852 Butler County, OH
George W. Gowdy/Goudy married Sarah Ann Wickman Ells, 1851, location unknown, PA?
George F. Gowdy married Rachel Townsley, Sep. 1, 1851 Greene County, OH
Grace M Gowdy married Edward P. Dunham, Jan. 28, 1876 Penobscot County, ME
Grace B. Gowdy married Harry L. Finley, Sep. 5, 1893 Anderson County, KS
H. L. Gowdy married Eliza Lathrop, May 14, 1856 Hampden County, MA
Hannah E. Gowdy married Clement W. Bunker, Sep. 1, 1853 Somerset County, ME
Hannah Gowdy married Abel Tuttle, 1781 MA
Hannah Gowdy married Abel Tuttle, 1806 Hampden County, MA
Harriet Gowdy married Ase Barnard, Feb. 1, 1868 Huron County, MA
Harriet W. Gowdy married John W. Hopper, Feb. 5, 1863 Clermont County, OH
Harry M. Gowdy May S. Lewis, Nov. 18, 1885 Hampden County, MA
Hattie Gowdy married A.N.Barnard, Feb. 19, 1868 Huron County, OH
Henry Gowdy married Charlotta A. Allen, Apr. 18, 1833 Hartford County, CT
Henry P. Gowdy married Dorothy King, Sep. 2, 1821 Hartford County, CT
Hill I. Gowdy married Emily C. Littlefield, Nov. 18, 1867 Hampden County, MA
Hill Gowdy married Roxanna Mcgregory, Dec. 2, 1790 Hartford County, CT
Hill Gowdy married Sarah Swain, Jul. 2, 1743 Suffolk County, MA
Horace C. Gowdy married Candace Sikes, Apr. 24, 1847 Hampden County, MA
Ida Gowdy married Louis M. Cornell, Sep. 5, 1880 Branch County, MI
Inez C. Gowdy married Hudson J. Sheldon, Oct. 27, 1874 Huron County, OH
Isabel Gowdy married Joseph Rakestraw, Jan. 2 1840 Huron County, OH
Isabella F. Gowdy married Peter Leslie, Oct. 13, 1852 Clark County, OH
Isabell Gowdy married Simeon Miller, Sep. 21, 1853 Clark County, OH
Issabell Gowdy married J. H. Fishell, Aug. 8, 1854 Greene County, OH
J. T. Gowdy married Mary E. Gaines, Nov. 14, 1878 Green County, KY
J. K. Gowdy married R. A. Jernigan, Nov. 28, 1871 Tippah County, MS
J. M. Gowdy married Jenny Ussery, Apr. 27, 1884 Faulkner County, AR
Jackson B. Goudy married Eliza Patterson, date unknown, Noble County, OH
Jacob Gowdy married Elizabeth Fogerty, married Apr. 21, 1846 Miami County, IN
James S. Gowdy married Agnes E. Anderson, Feb. 26, 1852 Clark County, OH
James Gowdy married Mary Boyd, 1739 Lancaster County, PA
James Gowdy married Charlotte Kerr, ?, Kansas ?
James Gowdy married Sarah Brown, 1823 Ross County, OH
James E. Gowdy married Mary B. East, Feb. 5, 1879 Faulkner County, AR
James Gowdy married Mary Hutchinson, Jan. 21, 1730 Suffolk County, MA
James Gowdy married Mary E. Jones, Mar. 29, 1859 Jefferson County, KY
James H. Gowdy married Abigail M. Liswell, Sep. 26, 1838 Hampden County, MA
James Goudy married Sarah Mick, May 31, 1821 county unknown, PA
James H. Gowdy married Mariah S. Osborn, Nov. 8, 1865 Greene County, OH
James Gowdy married Jane Purdy, Apr. 23, 1832 Richland County, OH
James Gowdy married Rebecca Ross, Nov. 6, 1795 Guilford County, NC
James Gowdy married Mary S. Smith, Mar. 29, 1859 Jefferson County, KY
James H. Gowdy married Mary Smith, May 15, 1864 Putnam County, IL
James Gowdy married Joanna Townsley, Jan. 25, 1814 Greene County, OH
Jane Gowdy married John Dinwiddie, Aug. 9, 1827 Greene County, OH
Jane Gowdy married John R. Dunwiddie, Aug. 3, 1827 Greene County, OH
Jane Gowdy married Joseph Kyle, Nov. 19, 1811 Greene County, OH
Jane Gowdy married Samuel Orr, Apr. 23, 1827 White County, IL
Jane Gowdy married Amaziah Pilcher, Jan. 3, 1832 Greene County OH
Jane Gowdy married William C. Webber, Jan. 1, 1861 Tippah County, MS
J. C. Gowdy married Rmmiss Henderson, Dec. 21, 1871 Warren County, IL
Jennie D. Gowdy married William J. Shannon, Sep. 24, 1862 Clermont County, OH
Jesse L. Gowdy married Sarah C. Hale, Apr. 21, 1833 Middlesex County, MA
J. K.  Gowdy married Ermiss Henderson, Aug. 22, 1872 Warren County, IL
John Gowdy married Ann Beedle, Dec. 20, 1761 South Carolina Marriages County, SC
John Gowdy married S M. Bradford, Feb. 1, 1838 Saint Clair County, IL
John Gowdy married Betsey Fitch, Nov. 23, 1810 Lincoln County, ME
John Gowdy married Prudence Foglesong, Nov. 6, 1828 Warren County, OH
John Gowdy married A. Gowdy, 1739, PA
John C. Gowdy married Elizabeth Anderson, date and location unknown
John Gowdy (Goudy) married Amelia Scott, 1782-1786 ?, Greene or Clark County, OH
John C. Gowdy married Rachel M. Henderson, Dec. 21, 1871 Warren County, IL
John T. Gowdy married Anne E. Kemp, Feb. 4, 1861 Marion County, OH
John Gowdy married Elisa A. Miller, Sep. 6, 1828 White County, IL
John Gowdy married Nancy Murphy, Sep. 1, 1818 Clark County, OH
John Gowdy married Mary A. Perry, Jan. 1, 1855 Kane County, IL
John Gowdy married Betsey Robinson, Feb. 16, 1812 Essex County, MA
John Gowdy married Magdalena Rupell, Jul. 31, 1836 Essex County, NJ
John Gowdy married Elizabeth Stapleton, Oct. 5, 1827 Champaign County, OH
John F. Gowdy married Amanda M. Truesdale, Jan. 15, 1856 Greene County, OH
John Gowdy maried Mary Tully, Feb. 15, 1838 Trumball County, OH
John Gowdy married Julia A. Watson, Feb. 2, 1849 Tazewell County, IL
John W. Gowdy married Mattie P. Ayton, Nov. 12, 1891 McLean County, IL
Joseph W. Gowdy married Wilmina J. Hamilton, Oct. 15, 1867 Gallia County, OH
Josiah M. Gowdy married Margaret M. Ellis, Mar. 11, 1866 Penobscot County, ME
Josiah M. Gowdy married Eva I. Lancaster, Nov. 29, 1883 Piscataquis County, ME
Julia A. Gowdy married John M. Stiles, Dec. 14, 1843 Hartford County, CT
Leander H. Gowdy married Anna L. Reed, Oct. 18, 1878 El Paso County, CO
Libbie Gowdy married John Fox, Oct. 18, 1874 Ashtabula County, OH
Lizzie Gowdy married William H. Anderson, Jan. 24, 1882 Greene County, OH
Lois Gowdy married R. E. Farmer, May 17, 1900 Jack County, TX
Loren P. Gowdy Catherine E. Woods, Oct. 27, 1868 Tolland County, CT
Lorin Gowdy married Betsey Meacham, Nov. 23, 1827 Hartford County, CT
Louvenia R. Gowdy married John D. Hill, Mar. 19, 1863 Clermont County, OH
Luna C. Gowdy married John V. Streed, Dec. 24, 1887 Berrien County, MI
Lurrettab Gowdy married Johns Woods, Jun. 6, 1900 Warren County, IL
Lydia Gowdy married George W. Rose, Feb. 14, 1877 Hampden County, MA
Lymand Gowdy married Susan Polham, Nov. 1, 1858 Calhoun County, MI
M Gowdy married Jane White, Oct. 1, 1787 Guilford County, NC
Maggie Gowdy married John Wilhelm, Aug. 28, 1873 Miami County, OH
Mahlon M. Gowdy married Addie M. Chapin, Mar. 19, 1890 Tolland County, CT
Margaret Goudy married Daniel Weir, around 1840 in Ireland
Margaret Gowdy married David Smither, Jan. 2 1885 Yazoo County, MS
Maria A. Gowdy married George G. Mixter, Dec. 6, 1849 Hartford County, CT
Maria Gowdy married Otis Wood, 1851 Hartford County, CT
Maiah L. Gowdy married William H. Wilson, Nov. 3, 1836 White County, IL
Marina C. Gowdy married James Veatch, Oct. 21, 1837 White County, IL
Marion Gowdy married Delia J. Cady, May 22, 1867 Orange County, VT
Martha Goudy married Isaac Vernon, 1798 Rockingham County, NC
Mary A. Gowdy married Harvey C. Abbe, May 6, 1828 Hartford County, CT
Mary A. Gowdy married Frank A. Bean, Nov. 28, 1867 Penobcot County, ME
Mary Ann Gowdy married Washington Buffenbarger, Feb. 24, 1831 Clark County, OH
Mary Ann Goudy married Alexander Herring Shanklin, December 31, 1840 Dalton, Wayne County
Mary J. Gowdy married James H. Fitzgerald, May 17, 1848 Greene County, OH
Mary J. Gowdy married James W. Green, May 14, 1846 Rush County, IN
Mary Gowdy married John W. Hudson, Dec. 3, 1839 Tolland County, CT
Mary M. Gowdy married Joshua M. Jackson, Nov. 17, 1852 Greene County, OH
Mary Gowdy married John Mcbride, Apr. 23, 1833 Greene County, OH
Mary Gowdy married Arviah Pease, Feb. 1, 1823 Hartford County, CT
Mary M. Gowdy married Harry M. Robertson, Nov. 26, 1874 Tippah County, MS
Mary Gowdy married Issac Swihart, Oct. 5, 1876 Tuscarawas County, OH
Mary Gowdy married James Williamson, Apr. 1, 1879 Scioto County, OH
Mary Goudy married Aaron Russel Swaney, ?, Cambria, MI
Maryann Gowdy married Francis M. Allen, Aug. 10, 1882 Warren County, IL
Mattie Gowdy married Everett A. Kellogg, Dec. 23, 1879 Berrien County, MI
Mattie Gowdy married John C. Westface, Jan. 27, 1883 Bay County, MI
Meda Gowdy married Tm Reynolds, Sep. 2, 1891 Warren County, IL
Melinda Gowdy married Gideon Gardner, Sep. 23, 1819 Hampden County, MA
Middia H. Gowdy married George B. Lamm, Mar. 14, 1878 Miami County, OH
Milton W. Gowdy married Sarah A. Hull, May 29, 1856 Tazewell County, IL
Myron A.Gowdy married Sarah A. Gilmore, Jan. 1 1873 Ingham County, MI
Myron F. Gowdy married Harriet A. Thrall, Apr. 21, 1853 Hartford County, CT
Nancy Ann Gowdy married John Calvin Warder, Dec. 1, 1873 Schuyler County, MO
Nancy Gowdy married Ebenezer N. Andrew, 1851 Warren County, IL
Nancy P. Gowdy married Joseph Brown, Mar. 2, 1843 Clark County, OH
Nancy A. Gowdy married John F. Dowden, Jul. 5, 1849 Jackson County, OH
Nancy Gowdy married Jesse Law, Aug. 14, 1811 Greene County, OH
Nathaniel O. Gowdy married Lydia Stocker, Sep. 4, 1806 Essex County, MA
Nettie Gowdy married Hannibal Collins, Jan. 15, 1885 Guthrie County, IA
Norman Gowdy married Julia S. Buell, 1831 Lewis County, NY
Norman D. Gowdy married Mary B. Wells, May 9, 1865, NY
Norton Gowdy married Almira Abbe, Jan. 1, 1839 Hartford County, CT
Olive A. Gowdy married Cyrus W. Brooks, Oct. 19, 1859 Penobscot County, ME
Pliera H. Gowdy married Minerva A. Mays, Feb. 26, 1833 White County, IL
Polly Gowdy married Frederick Cutter, Mar. 23, 1825 Hampden County, MA
Polly Gowdy married Honuel H. Gifford, 1813 Madison County, NY
Polly Gowdy married Arvin Pease, 1831 Hartford County, CT
R M. Gowdy married S H. Carnal, Nov. 18, 1872 Tippah County, MS
R S. Gowdy married N S. Owen, Nov. 26, 1867 Tippah County, MS
Rebecca Gowdy married Amos Wolf, Feb. 24, 1822 Clark County, OH
Revillo T. Gowdy married Mary F. Morgan, Aug. 1, 1859 Tolland County, CT
Robert Gowdy married Mary Anderson, 1797 NC
Robert Edison Goudy married Dorothea Jean Iiams, in 1940's County Unknown, MI
Robert Gowdy married Anna Henry, Jan. 1, 1818 Tolland County, CT
Robert S. Gowdy married Elizabeth Hurley, Mar. 2, 1839 Grant County, IN
Robert Gowdy married Emily Manor, Mar. 13, 1848 Greene County, OH
Robert Gowdy married Harriet Jarrold, May 4, 1887 Hampden County, MA
Robert Gowdy married Content Mcgregory, 1789 Hartford County, CT
Robert Gowdy married Nancy Mckay, Aug. 2, 1806 Greene County, OH
Robert Gowdy married Harriet M. Parrold, Apr. 27, 1887 Hampden County, MA
Robert Gowdy married Elizabeth Phillips, 1870 Anderson County, KS
Robert Gowdy married Elizabeth Steele, Nov. 3, 1825 Clark County, OH
Rosannah Gowdy married Clarksion Smith, Oct. 16, 1861 Hampden County, MA
Roxanna Gowdy married Michael Hancock, Jul. 18, 1823 Hampden County, MA
Ruth Gowdy married Simeon Gay, Mar. 1, 1764 New London County, CT
Sabina Gowdy married James D. Smith, Feb. 1, 1855 Hendricks County, IN
Salome B. Gowdy married Lucas B. Chapin, Aug. 17, 1840 Hampden County, MA
Samuel Goudy married Delila (Lile) Potts, May 17, 1846 Portage County, OH
Samuel Gowdy married Nancy Burnett, Dec. 24, 1806 Washington County, KY
Samuel Gowdy married Nancy Burnett, Feb. 8, 1814 Washington County, KY
Samuel Gowdy married Mary A. Cameron, Mar. 1, 1849 Greene County OH
Samuel Gowdy married Martha  J. Crumbaugh, Oct. 1, 1849 Hartford County, CT
Samuel Gowdy married Alice Gleason, Jan. 29, 1784 Hartford County, CT
Samuel Gowdy married S. Gowdy, 1721 Cumb County, PA
Samuel H. Gowdy married Susan G. Harrington, Oct. 24, 1894 Hartford County, CT
Samuel Gowdy married Elizabeth Janes, Aug. 25, 1853 Adair County, KY
Samuel Gowdy married Nancy Ann. Wadsworth, Jan. 13, 1818 Lewis County, NY
Samuell Gowdy married Maggie Whitman, Dec. 10, 1891 Warren County, IL
Sarah Gowdy married John Anderson, Mar. 23, 1793 Guilford County, NC
Sarah J. Gowdy married George H. Commander, May 2, 1893 Wayne County, MI
Sarah M. Gowdy married Jeremy H. Farnsworth, Oct. 22, 1850 Hampden County, MA
Sarah J. Gowdy married James H. Fitzgerald, May 17, 1848 Greene County, OH
Sarah M. Gowdy married Perry Hatheway, Sep. 19, 1858, Jefferson County, OH
Sarah B. Gowdy married Joshua C. Jackson, Mar. 12, 1884 Greene County, OH
Sarah Gowdy married Peter Jacoby, Apr. 12, 1826 Greene County, OH
Sarah Gowdy married John T. Jolley, Jul. 17, 1843 Greene County, OH
Sarah Gowdy married James Paster, Jan. 8 1829 Wayne County, OH
Sarah Gowdy married David Stanley, Sep. 7, 1747 Suffolk County, MA
Sarah Gowdy married Lysander W. Tulleys, Nov. 1, 1868 Greene County, OH
Sarahe Gowdy married Wma Nash, May 18, 1869 Warren County, IL
Sarahj Gowdy married Johna Wright, Oct. 18, 1866 Warren County, IL
Sarahs Gowdy married Josephr Cole, Feb. 2, 1871 Warren County, IL
Stimson A. Gowdy married Lavina Roeliffson, Oct. 1, 1821 White County, IL
Sue E. Gowdy married George F. Crabb, Mar. 31, 1868 Greene County, OH
Susanna W. Gowdy married Wm P. Back, Mar. 12, 1844 Lewis County, NY
Susan Gowdy married Dallas A. Ward, Mar. 16, 1870 Ashtabula County, OH
Susanna Gowdy married George Burrill, Oct. 7, 1813 Essex County, MA
Sussanna Gowdy married James Simpson, Nov. 12, 1833 Greene County, OH
Theodore Gowdy married Hannah B. Williams, Mar. 25, 1839 Chautauqua County, NY
Theresa R. Gowdy married L. O. Reed, Jan. 1, 1880 Greene County, OH
Theoron C. Gowdy married Sarah Crimes, Sep. 23, 1833 White County, IL
Thomas Gowdy married Nancy Caldwell, Sep. 19, 1865 Warren County, IL
Thomas Gowdy married Sally Eastman, Aug. 26, 1832 Middlesex County, MA
Thomas Gowdy married Sally Eastman, Sep. 16, 1832 York County, ME
Thomas G. Gowdy married Catherine Heisen, May 9, 1833 Wayne County, OH
Thomas Goudy married Ruth Hurman, September 7, 1836 Hamilton County, OH
Thomas Gowdy married Marca Johnson, July 8, 1822 Wayne County, OH
Thomas Goudy married Nancy Kirkpatrick, Dec. 4, 1828 Clark County, OH
Thomas Gowdy married Mary McWilliams, January 20, 1824 Wayne County, OH
Thomas Gowdy married Nancy Powell, Jul. 24, 1823 Morgan County, GA
Thomas Gowdy married N. Porter, Jul. 24, 1823 Morgan County, GA
Thomas Gowdy married Charlotte Ricker, Jul. 4, 1836 Middlesex County, MA
Tudor Gowdy married Melinda Henry, Nov. 7, 1822 Hartford County, CT
Tudor Gowdy married Agnes S. Smith, Nov. 11, 1896 Hartford County, CT
Wentworth M. Gowdy married Marria E. Freeze, Nov. 22, 1884 Penobscot County, ME
William Gowdy married Mary Nicholson, 1856, ?
William Goudy married Cassandra Crawford, 1809 Jeffersonville, OH
William Gowdy married Magdalena Chrisman, bef 1768 VA?
William Gowdy married Ann Anderson, Jul. 17, 1792 Guilford County, NC
William Gowdy married Elsie Brown, Nov. 6, 1833 Greene County, OH
William S. Gowdy married Eliza Clausing, Jan. 22, 1880 Scioto County, OH
William Gowdy married Isabella Fleming, 1765 OH
William Gowdy married Jane Foster, Mar. 19, 1844 Clark County, OH
William Goudy married Sara Betts/Bates, Oct. 25, 1814, Stark County, OH
William C. Gowdy married Eliza J. Jameson, Oct. 1, 1847 Greene County, OH
William H. Gowdy married Laura Madden, Jun. 14, 1871 Ford County, IL
William Gowdy married Jane Orr, Oct. 8, 1825 White County, IL
William Gowdy married Rea, 1765 Guilford County, NC
William F. Gowdy married Kittie E. Vose, Jun. 26, 1883 Clark County, OH
Willis Gowdy married Nellie C. Peters, Oct. 21, 1884 New London County, CT
Wmf Gowdy married Annar Fleming, Aug. 29, 1866 Warren County, IL
Wmr Gowdy married Margaret M. Spence, Jan. 19, 1881 Warren County, IL

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