The GOWDY Family

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Georgia Connection - submitted by Mary Gouedy Hillen
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Mary Gouedy Hillen descended from David Halliburton Gouedy and Kate Sikes Gouedy's son, David Collier Gouedy.  David Collier Gouedy (born August 7, 1891) married Bertha "Bert" Adele Aimont.


First photo is of Elizabeth Anne Halliburton Gouedy. She was born February 14, 1919 and died June 14, 1891 at 72 years of age. Her father was David Halliburton who was born October 1786 and died October 19, 1863 at 77 years of age. Elizabeth was the wife of James Gouedy who died September 21, 1863. She is buried in Oakland Cemetery.









James and Elizabeth Gouedy had four children. James Franklin Gouedy (birth and death unknown); David Halliburton Gouedy, born December 1, 1845, died January 20, 1913; Sarah Gouedy (birth and death unknown); and, Elizabeth Gouedy, (birth and death unknown.)
Photo is of David Halliburton Gouedy, son of Elizabeth and James Gouedy. Standing by his side is his first child and son, Jesse Halliburton Gouedy. David married Kate Elodia Sikes December 27, 1871. Sarah married a Haynes. Elizabeth also married a Haynes.
David and Kate Gouedy had five children who lived past infancy. They were Jesse Halliburton Gouedy, born January 16, 1872,  who married Virginia Hendree Helmer;  Katie Eliza Gouedy, born January 3, 1874, who married Ulver Martin; Musette Gouedy, born February 22, 1879, died August 25, 1906, spinster;  Ida Roberta "Bob"  Gouedy, born March 17, 1883, who married John Clark Brown; and David Collier Gouedy, born August 7, 1891, who married Bertha "Bert" Adele Aimont.

James and Elizabeth Gouedy are believed to be from Georgia.  Their son David Halliburton Gouedy married to Kate Sikes were from Atlanta, Georgia.  Their children, Jesse, Kate, Roberta, Musette, and David were also from Atlanta, Georgia.


Sarah Gouedy, daughter of Janes and Elizabeth Gouedy, married a Haynes (no first name available). They had two daughters: Effie and Mabel. Effie married someone named Winple (not sure of spelling), and Mable married someone named Stokes. Photos of the two girls are attached.