The GOWDY Family

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Lorin Gowdy (Descendants) - submitted by Pat (Powers) Gowdy

Jay Gowdy - Northern Connecticut
"I'm from the Northern Connecticut Gowdy's (Somers, Enfield, etc.), father Robert Henry, Grandfather Henry William.  I know that the family has been in the area, farming leaf-tobacco lately, for an awfully long time: we have pieces of the family still from the old Gowdy farm and I have a really cool carved cane that my Grandfather claimed his Grandmother used to keep order in the ancestral house. My parents have a copy of the 1919 genealogy books and I have leafed through them .  Also, we have a picture of the family crest that looks slightly different than the one you have on the web site."

Clarence Gowdy - submitted by Jennifer Gowdy - Rancourt
Clarence Gowdy was the father of Bruce Spencer Gowdy.   Bruce Spencer Gowdy had the following children; James Gowdy, Rebecca Gowdy and Karen Gowdy. The Gowdys all lived in Enfield, Connecticut and at one time was almost competely owned by a Gowdy.

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