The GOWDY Family

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Hershel Edward Gowdy - submitted by Edward DeWayne Gowdy
Hershel Edward Gowdy is the son of  Lon Clark Gowdy and Lena Gowdy.  Hershel Gowdy married Juanita Finley. Hershel is currently 83 years young.  Hershel and Juanita had the following children: Carolyn Gowdy and Edward DeWayne Gowdy.  Edward DeWayne Gowdy married Barbara Hindericks and had two children: Robin LeAnn Gowdy and Justin DeWayne Gowdy.  Robin LeAnn Gowdy married Richard Sheetz and have two children: Kaitlyn and Brian.  Justin DeWayne Gowdy married and has two children Christopher DeWayne Gowdy and Sarah Elizabeth Gowdy.

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