Vernon L. Gowdy, III

Photographs published in the following publications: Rolling Stone, Oklahoma Monthly, Circus, L.A. Weekly, Norman Now, This Week, Norman Transcript, Oklahoma Journal, Oklahoma Gazette, Song Hits (Cover), Oklahoma Daily, Action Now, Billboard, Daily Oklahoman, Encore, Edmond Sun, Upbeat, Creem, Hit Parader, Tulsa Lite, Calendar, Record, Focus, Fanfare, Link.

Also photography for national recording artist Sammy Hagar for 45 rpm single, t-shirts and posters.  Black album cover for national rock gospel group De Garma and Key.  Free lance photography for CBS Records and Chrysalis Records.  Honorable mention in National Kodak Contest.

Jam's Music Review
Produced TV 30-minute special which aired on Channel 34, March 16, 1983.  The show was sponsored by KJ103 and covered National and Local music in the form of interviews and film clips.

Unique Management
Established a booking agency for bands 1981-1982.

A nightclub established December 31, 1981.  Created entire image including promotion and band bookings.

Jam Records
Completed four album projects for local artists in Oklahoma-Texas area.  1981 J. Paul Hancock, 1982 Lyra, 1982 New Jetz, 1983 Chemical Bond (Sample of ten local bands).

Jam Fest Concerts
Created local concerts at various facilities for local musicians, 1982-1984.

Oklahoma Music Awards
1983-Purpose to recognize outstanding local music talent by having an award banquet.   Created special medallion called "The Jammy" and received coverage on TV and newspapers.

Oklahoma Music Directory
Created a phone and address directory for the local musicians in the Oklahoma City area, 1981-1983.

Nightlife Magazine
Created 1984-1986.  Local entertainment tabloid magazine for the Oklahoma City area.   Distributed to all the record and music stores.

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