1999 Gowdy Family Reunion; Bristow, Oklahoma
June 6, 1999

LEFT TO RIGHT - Front Row: Julian Jones, Kristian Jones, Carrie Williams, Terrie Gowdy, David Smith, Jr.; Second Row: Barbara Ann Joslen, Lena Dressler, Vernon L. Gowdy Jr., Crystal Glidden, Karen Mathis, Mary Beth Jones, Theresa Dressler with Grace Coleman on lap, Wynona Gowdy; Third Row: Lloyd Joslen, Charley Gowdy, Diane Gowdy, Geneva Gowdy, Grace Smith, Carol Phillips, Susan Shaw, Mike Dressler, Karen Coleman; Last Row: Ed Hill, Debra Glidden, Jeff Glidden, David Smith, Vernon L. Gowdy III, David Jones, Lavan Gowdy, Ronnie Gowdy, Virgie Jones and Pete Coleman.

Brothers and Sisters of Vernon L. Gowdy at 1999 Reunion
Sisters of Vernon L. Gowdy at 1999 Reunion
Food at 1999 Reunion

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